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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Kim Arnett 

I graduated with a CS degree after changing my major 120 times.

Learned some HTML in high school.. didn't associate it with coding, didn't know what coding was. My idea of coding was something like teaches today. I was always good with computers in general, but when it came to choosing a major in college for whatever reason it did not cross my mind as a feasible option.

Decided to pursue Chiropractic - learned Chiropractors have to work on cadavers and changed to a Ultra-sound Technician route. Took one class related to that, and repulsed, I changed to a Math major. Pursued that for about a year and half, then ended up accidentally taking an intro to programming class. I really enjoyed it and had some conversations with the professor, did some research on CS careers and never looked back after that.

I was way out of my element in the CS department.. never removed a virus (only downloaded them lol) or could even tell you the internal parts of a computer, but it all came the more I immersed myself into it.

Primary benefit I feel I gained from my degree is "learning how to learn" for myself. Other than that, on the job experience has been a way more powerful learning tool.