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re: Native or browser based applications? VIEW POST


Common argument around mobile.

There are so many web-frameworks out there that let you get a product out quickly, for both platforms, with little learning curve. Which is great.. I agree.

But native is a better experience. Native provides more control over behaviors, custom fits & finishes (and to repeat what you said about performance).

Here's my take:
Both have their audiences, but I will always choose native. In my experience, web-frameworks allow you to get up and running and get the bulk of the app coded in less time, which is overall great. But it fails dramatically at debugging and fit & finishes. With mobile, you also have a lot of pain when implementing a web app with the OS's hardware, Bluetooth, or Camera.. etc.

The argument will always end with "it depends on the company and the product your building". We might build a form-based app in web, but our beacon-tracking app will always be native.

End rant. :P

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