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Still waiting. šŸ˜‚


By pure observation of mobile teams I've been in contact with I've noticed how much TDD is not a thing.

To be frank TDD is quite hard when a UI is involved but you can still practice it on the behaviors I guess (don't know much about iOS development :D)


It is very difficult concept to wrap your brain around. I like the idea of it, and Iā€™m very interested in learning it more throughly but in practice its just not clicking.

Yeah I get that. Sometimes I do TDD and sometimes I write tests after. If I write tests after I write the shells of the various tests so I won't forget to check them later.

TDD helps me a lot with refactoring and with legacy code. I don't always practice it when I'm exploring.

Maybe you can go back to the source and read the "original" TDD book (still quite expensive but worth it): Test Driven Development: By Example

OoOoO! Thanks! Ill add it to the list!

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