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Discussion on: How did you decide on what you wanted to do?

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Kim Arnett 

I'm in mobile, but I feel that mobile chose me.

I said yes to every opportunity I had the chance to explore. My path went a bit like this:

  • Decide to work with computers because computers are fun and I need to make good money.
  • Take an internship repairing computers and virus removal. Decide I do not want to continue in hardware.
  • Take various classes and follow opportunities that shadowed the classes I liked.
  • Interview for 5 different internships for internship #2.. decide to try web development.
  • decided I could survive in web development and liked the front end portion of it.
  • offered a job in mobile - still front end, brought new challenges and working with new tech seemed fun so I leaped and never looked back.

Keep following the path that you're enjoying, stay away from things you don't enjoy, and you'll find your spot. It takes patience and persistence... but the reward of enjoying what you do and getting paid for it is so worth it.