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Discussion on: What things have you been made to feel guilty about in the course of your career?

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Kim Arnett 

That's a huge red flag! If they're not paying market value for their current employees, what keeps someone there?! Wow.

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Kasey Speakman

That was when I discovered my market value was 50% more than what I was making at the time. Can you imagine a 50% raise? I had to leave to get the bump. But I stayed for a while until the interesting work died off.

People stayed because it was a decent working environment and it provided a service to the state. I think underpaying is one of the ways they always managed to win the contract bid.

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Weston Wedding • Edited

Sometimes it's the work environment, for sure.

Speaking as someone who has experienced those same circumstances, it can be really rough getting comfortable with jumping from "making enough money to be more or less comfortable" to jumping all the way up to "market value" and making so much more.