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Discussion on: What things have you been made to feel guilty about in the course of your career?

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Kim Arnett 

That's very heartbreaking. I'm curious with the future wave of bootcamps how this has evolved.

Do you have any advice for someone going through something like this? (I know a few people encountering judgement as a bootcamp grad). Thanks!

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I wish I did. I have a feeling the mentality will change as the next generation become managers; the stigma will cease to exist as their friends, coworkers, or even they themselves are graduates of bootcamps.

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My story is quite similar. I did not enter a college, followed a fuckton of tutorials instead. I haven't found any (affordable) bootcamps either.

From my experience, this is all I can say: do the thing and brag about it on GitHub. When you lack a degree, your experience and knowledge is all you can offer, so prove you are able and trust in yourself.