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This was like a click bait. It used up one of my premium stories for medium this month. I'm sure that was not the intention, but a warning/heads up would be nice.


medium.com/notonlycss/turn-your-we... you can read here also ;) Sorry but I can't change the rules of medium :)


Welcome to modern marketing and content distribution ;-)

PS. Not that i visit medium often, but just in case you do, this is an interesting open source project: github.com/manojVivek/medium-unlim...


After reading the article i must say it has very limited practical value.
Caching google fonts css in SW that has references to fonts? Writing manifest by hand? I guess its good enough if you are aiming at green checkmark in lighthouse.

Looks like a typical article written because thats what is trending in the tech world and will increase chance of "building audience" or "building the following".


I don't think like that, don't you think that is useful to cache all the resources?

If you want to cache all the resources, open the css that you are caching in your article and see if you cached the fonts in there ;)

PS. Its much better to self-host fonts, you are reducing number of unique domains and one resolve, because you can define font-faces in your css, not ask google for it.


Exactly. Medium didn't think well about their pay wall.

Incognito solves my problem easily. But now I can't provide feedback on claps or comments, which only hurts their platform on many levels...

One of the dumbest monetization strategies I've seen recently.

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