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"leveraging the class attribute which is not supposed to be used for styles at all?"
Classes are not meant for styles?


Yes, "srsly". Go ahead and click the link if you want to see the source.

which link are you referring to? Listen, this:

So instead of learning some CSS, which is an accepted standard, you're going to learn this.

Is not a technically convincing argument - and it won't work to any future colleague.

Facebook is doing it. (check screenshot) Do they not know how to write CSS?
I think someone needs several years of hands on professional experience in big projects. Working and having a product owner/manager/boss who wants you to deliver is not the same as writing a thesis about semantic web for uni.
I learned CSS on a very good level and then decided to follow this pattern because I saw its' power and productivity. This technique has a big following of very VERY senior developers.

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