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Top Blogs that every PHP developer should Follow

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PHP is a widely-used general-purpose programming language. It helps to develop powerful web applications. PHP offers several major benefits to the developers such as cross-platform compatibility, advanced security techniques, and easy to use features.

However, PHP is based on the open-source feature, which allows developers to upgrade this platform constantly.

Several tech giants have also opted for this popular platform, entities including Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Tumblr have built their official sites with PHP. To leverage the benefits of custom PHP development, it is essential for the PHP developers to be upgraded with the latest trends and innovations.

In this blog, we have brought some best PHP blogs that you should follow to upgrade with the market trends or partner with custom PHP development company.

Best PHP Blogs that every Developer Should Follow

Reddit - PHP: The latest news in the PHP world

Reddit is the most popular PHP news based website. Every PHP developer should follow the blogs of this website. This blog offers all the news of the latest trends, news, and all the information related to PHP.

If you are a determined developer and want to know all about PHP updates and discuss the issues with the huge community of developers, then you should start following this website.


DZone is a popular platform and millions of developers used to follow this website. It is known as a programming news hub. On this website, developers can get the latest information about the insight into the industry.

DZone platform covers a wide range of topics including cloud, DevOps, Big Data, integration of services. Most of the developers get information about programming languages including PHP from the popular blogs of the website.

However, the best part of this website is it offers all the details from base to the latest introduced fact or feature. Developers can have in-depth information about PHP earlier and the latest version. Apart from this, developers also share their opinions on the comment box and this is how developers can assure the relevancy and transparency of the facts.

Nomad PHP

Nomad PHP is a community platform with a mission to bring all the latest details about PHP. However, it streams live PHP conferences, workshops, and talks.

This website helps PHP developers to learn new things and discuss innovations with a huge number of developers. It also offers code-driven tutorials to the developers. Nomad PHP accelerates new learning opportunities.

If you want to be in touch with the latest news, announcements, and practice PHP, then you should not miss this platform. The writers of this platform have years of experience in PHP development. Furthermore, they have written hundreds of books and have been a part of the major PHP conferences worldwide.

Seven PHP

The Seven PHP blog is run by a PHP expert with years of experience in this field. The motive is to share the experience with the community. He helps developers to learn new things and shares several other resources and tutorials about PHP language.

According to the 7PHP.com, the name of the owner is Khayrattee Wasseem and he lives in Mauritius. He is fond of coding and founder of The PHP Usergroup for Mauritius. Along with this, he also attended three major PHP Conferences across the globe.

PHP: The Right Way

PHP The Right way platform covers a wide range of PHP topics including coding style. It helps developers to meet with the advanced coding standards. This platform provides fresh ideas to the developers and opens an opportunity to the new developers to know about the in-depth coding architecture.

Apart from this, PHP - The Right Way platform also offers several tools for the PHP development and it also suggests several tools for the projects. This website can be transformed into many languages including English, France, and Italian. Also, links to authoritative tutorials around the Web.

It’s living documentation helps to be updated with the modern development updates. Furthermore, PHP: The Right Way explains the differences in approach and use-cases.

Voices of the ElePhant

Voices of the ElePhant website is unique with other platforms as it conducts interviews with the PHP community. It brings individual opinions and views. On this platform, authorities publish three posts per month. This website is
released under the GPL.

PHP Gurukul

The PHP Gurukul platform is for beginners and professionals both with a motive to provide information across the web. It also offers online tutorials to the students, from which developers can easily learn the language.


These are the top PHP blogs that every developer should follow. It helps developers to be updated with the PHP latest trends.

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