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Must Attend PHP Events & Conferences Around the World in 2020

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When it comes to website development, PHP is the pioneer choice for web developers and businesses around the globe. The language, in all its entirety, is robust, open source, extendible, supports a large amount of databases, and has low maintenance and development cost along with being highly sophisticated and advanced at the same time.

From a developer’s perspective, PHP is easy to code in. Then again, since it is open source, it gives a large playground to more vision oriented programmers who can create and innovate with the language. Another benefit developers find is that it has a huge community, close to gigantic. The number of people in support of PHP are limitless. With huge community comes huge support. This is one of the biggest reasons why PHP stands today where it is.

People of the PHP community come together every year at events spread across the globe. These events are the witness to some fantastic innovations, ideas and upgrades, the top players involved with the programming language share their experiences and mentors the listeners, there are brain-storming sessions, discussions about the future and everything that is PHP.

These conferences are a gold-mine for PHP developers, programmers and even businesses involved in PHP development. As a business owner when you hire PHP developer, you must at least once send your developer to such a conference. This helps build up immense practical knowledge which helps in long-term development life-cycle.

Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent and must-attend PHP conferences and exhibitions that will happen around the world in 2020

PHP UK Conference, 20-21 feb 2020 - the brewery, city of london

This is one of the largest dedicated PHP events in Europe. PHP UK hosts hundreds of leading developers in London for three days of workshops, talks, networking and socials. The event has up-to-date content about PHP development and related technologies in a comfortable and professional setting.

PHP UK offers attendees a forum for learning and networking with the most up-to-date topics in PHP development and related tools, tailored specifically to the needs of developers and CTOs.

PHP Kaigi 2020, 9-11th Feb, 2020, Nerima Ward Residents' & Industrial Plaza Coconeri Hall, Tokyo, Japan

PHP Kaigi is a technology for PHPer, that is, those who are currently using PHP, those who have used PHP in the past, those who want to use PHP in the future, and those who love PHP. The event houses experts who share traditional know-how and shared love for PHP.

The event has talk sessions with invited speakers, interactive round tables where several people discuss specific topics, unconferences, social gatherings, etc., sharing technical talks with PHPers gathered from all over Japan.

If you are a beginner in PHP or an expert, this event has everything for you.

WebCamp Venlo, 12-14th March 2020, Venlo, The Netherlands

WebCamp Venlo is the new name of TYPO3Camp Venlo, an annual web conference around TYPO3 since 2013. This year there are invited speakers who will share their expertise and experience with the 150 attendees in a 2-day conference in Venlo. TYPO3 and PHP community will share insights, expertise and experiences in an open and inclusive environment.

The camp is completely in English and is focused on mobile- and web development related to PHP technology and TYPO3 for developers and marketing/communication experts.

Midwest PHP, 2-4th April, 2020, Downtown Minneapolis, MN, USA

This is one wonderful conference panning 3 Days, 60 Sessions, Certifications, & much more. You choose the type of ticket you want ranging from different levels like Beginner, Everyday PHP, Security and Performance, and Enterprise PHP. You can choose the ticket you want or can mix and match what best suits your needs.

International PHP Conference, May 25 – 29, 2020, Berlin | Maritim ProArte Hotel

Having more than a decade’s experience, the International PHP Conference is the must-attend event for web developers from around the globe. You can attend inspiring sessions, unique in-depth workshops, and benefit from the experts’ invaluable insights. You get an opportunity to discover the exciting interaction of PHP with technologies such as Symfony, Docker and Kubernetes, as well as JavaScript and TypeScript.

PHP [tek] 2020, May 18-21 – Nashville, TN, USA

The php[tek] 2020 combines leadership, expertise, and networking in one event. It has a relaxing atmosphere for tech leaders and developers to share, learn and grow professionally while also providing you with the knowledge to solve your everyday problems. This is one of the longest-running web developer conferences in the United States that has a focus on the PHP programming language.


Grab this opportunity to your benefit and gain the maximum knowledge that you can along the way. A majority of these conferences host speakers who have been instrumental in shaping the diaspora of PHP. Their talks contain enough material for beginner and expert developers alike to bring a fresh wave of change in their own development methods.

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