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Know about the upgraded Java programming language - Kotlin

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Java is a popular Android programming language. Since years, this programming language has ruled Android development. Java was considered the most preferred platform for Android development as it offers various functionalities to the developers, but with time the world changed and Android has become one of the major platforms of the mobile application.

As Android has become one of the prominent app platforms the demand for Android apps and to enhance its features has also increased. Later, experts realized that they require more features and functionaries to this programming language to meet the demand of Android app development. Professionals started working to upgrade the Java language and finally, they launched the upgraded version in the form of Kotlin with clear architecture, interoperability, secure, faster and tooling support.

Know about Kotlin - Java alternative:

Originally Kotlin was developed by Jetbrains and supported by Google. According to dzone, “Kotlin as 6th in the top technology trends.” Kotlin programming language is more streamlined compared to Java. Kotlin’s development is based on the latest statically-typed and open source programming language, which supports cross-platform. This programming language first appeared in 2011. Kotlin has been Google’s preferred language for Android app development since 7 May 2019. To know the advantages of Kotlin app development partner with Kotlin development company.

Why developers prefer Kotlin Development?:

Easy to Learn:

The Kotlin programming language is easy to learn as compared to other programming languages like Java. It requires only basic knowledge.

Safer Code:

Safer and concise code is the demand of every developer. Kotlin programming language offers concise codes that lead to a safer and compact characteristic. Safer codes provide a few crashes and reduce the number of failures in the future. Hence, in the development process, a concise, compact, and safer code required by the developers.

Easy to Maintain:

Supported by a huge number of IDE’s and Android Studio, this feature turns it as the best feature in Kotlin programming language. Apart from this, with Kotlin, developers can work with any toolkit with which they are comfortable with it helps them to develop the app faster and reduces the chances of error or failure. Hence, Kotlin offers an opportunity for the developers to work with their preferable tools, which they have practice with.

Interoperable with Java:

Java developers don’t have to hesitate as Kotlin programming language is completely Interoperable with Java. It consists of all the features of Java as well as it is an upgraded version of Java, it has more features than Java. Kotlin offers new features to developers along with Java.


Kotlin programming language supports the cross-development platform. Developers can write code once and can run the same code on other platforms also. It helps to save time and cost both of the developers.


Kotlin is an upgraded Java programming language. This language is marking its presence in Android development but still, as it is a modern language it will take time to adopt it. To replace java is not that much easy for Kotlin

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As a proponent of Kotlin and runner of the Edinburgh Kotlin User Group:

Easy to Learn : [...] is easy to learn as compared to [...] Java

While easy to learn, it's no easier than Java. It's all the same concepts and things like generics can be just as (if not more) confusing with concepts like Any/Unit/Nothing

Safer Code: [..] reduce the number of failures in the future

Well no, it's not safer code. It's just code where things like nullability are more visible. It can lead to safer code if you think about it and don't just stick ? and !! everywhere but that's also the case in Java. There is less boiler plate required for safe code but it's not inherently safer.

I think Kotlin has a long way to go to take over from Java and a long way before it's universally considered an upgrade to Java but it's very interesting so far. I think with Javas backward support policy changing it's likely to start sorting out issues with boiler plate, generics and nullability and give Kotlin a run for it's money. Let's just hope it leads to loads of interesting features for us devs.


Right, the programming language itself don't write automatigally safe programs.

What Jetbrains did with Kotlin though is to take the useful lessoons from two decades of writing code for the JVM and put it into the language and the standard libraries (and not only in the IDE).

Kotlin is basically effective Java.


I think if I can criticise anything it's how heavily they lean on functional programming, which isn't the best paradigm to mix with the "OO" of Java. That and how flexible it allows developers to be, especially with things like extension functions, leading to terribly unreadable code.
As we come closer to more idiomatic ways of doing larger scale projects in Kotlin this will get better but at the moment, it's only noticeably more effective than Java in the realms of expressive data processing and with huge potential to become as feared as C++ syntax.

Mmh I guess it depends a lot on the context/codebase/people one is working with.

I myself tend to prefer FP but I recognize that OOP has a lot to offer. The thing with Java on Android though - and that's not Java's fault - is that it was not Object Oriented Programming to begin with. Yes, it was in Java and used Classes. But it was a bunch of God objects that do everything (Context, Activity, Fragment, Layout, Service, ...) which is the contrary to good OOP patterns. Good objects are much smaller than that.

I think FP is great, when it's an FP language. Mixed paradigms lead to ... Python :P and people are way too excited about FP just now for it to be responsibly used on a large scale on a platform where it's idiomacy (?) hasn't been properly defined yet.

As I said, even OOP is relatively new on Android. Android as taught by Google is old style imperative programming with God objects.

But also please note that Kotlin is not at all limited to Android and there is a large experience with FP on the JVM and even outside of it that can be leveraged.

"Can be"

It's unlikely however that Scala devs will be migrating to Kotlin, more likely Java devs looking for all their problems to be solved. My worry is Java devs, looking to solve all their problems with FP ideas leading to terrible code.

Note: I am not now, nor have I ever been an Android developer ;)

The libraries Kotlintest and Arrow are two examples of good ideas migrating from Scala to Kotlin.

I agree that there are no silver bullet.