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Introduction to ASP.NET with its core features

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The tech world has introduced various frameworks, to bring responsive web applications in a short period of time. Among these frameworks, ASP.Net (Active Server Pages.Net) is the most popular and gaining a lot of attention.

In this article, we will be introducing the trending ASP.net with its core features.

Introduction to ASP. Net

ASP.Net is based on the open-source and cross-platform. The Asp.net framework's main motive is to bring the latest and modern technology which includes cloud-based and IoT. It is built for platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Basic information of ASP.net Framework

  • The term ASP.Net stands for Active Server Pages.Net.
  • ASP.NET supports three frameworks for developing web apps - Web forms, ASP.NET web pages, and ASP.NET MVC. These three frameworks have the same benefits and features of the ASP.NET Framework.
  • It offers huge library support to the developers and developed by Microsoft Corporation.
  • This language is written in .Net.

Core Features of ASP.net Framework

High Performance

ASP.NET is based on high-performance features, and as per experts, it is an essential attribute in the software. This technology is evolved with pipeline and IIS. Apart from this, it is light weighted and based on synchronous programming models.

Supports Cross-Platform

ASP.Net support the cross-platform development, it can be deployed with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Hence, Microsoft offers huge support to the development process.

Fastest and Scalable

This framework is the fastest and scalable as it offers a huge library which saves a lot of time. This framework has been considered as the fastest framework as compared to other frameworks.

Open Source

ASP.Net is based on the open-source feature, from time to time it gets updated by the professionals. Hence, it is supported by an active and huge community. Huge support has been provided to the ASP.net developers.

Secure Apps

With the ASP.net framework, developers can bring secure applications. The built-in features help applications to prevent XSS and CDRF i.e cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery respectively. Inbuilt feature secure user database, and supports multi-factor and external authentication with Twitter and Google.

Self Hosted Apps

Developers job is not easy, they have to face many challenges and develop the solution as per the user’s demand. Regularly they have to face many challenges and they have to fulfill the requirement of many other customers. Sometimes developers have the requirement to develop the application which can be displayed only on desktop and it should not be a server running IIS.

Hence, ASP.NET Framework offers various ways to develop the server free web apps.


In this article, we brought you the basic guidelines of ASP.NET with its features. Apart from this, the development industry is opting for ASP.NET MVC web development. This framework is based on the advanced technologies which are cloud-based and the internet of things. Many top reputed companies are based on the ASP.NET framework which includes DRopbox, Paypal, and slack, etc.

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