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Nice article, as the author of Iris and one of the most active github go developers I have to point out a small detail about the below conclusion of yours:

"As such, here are 6 well-liked frameworks, as ranked by GitHub stars, that extend the functionality of Go."

The most popular web frameworks, ranked by stars, are:

  • gin(32.7k stars) a very nice and light framework which has a big community around although it has a big amount of opened issues
  • beego(22.4k stars) one of the oldest web frameworks written in Go
  • iris(16.6k stars) the newest framework of the list. Objectively it's the most featured web framework provides unique routing(which is compatible with net/http third-party packages as well) and macro functions(!) based on muxie project which is by far the fastest router, even faster than httprouter and echo's router, fully featured sessions and websocket packages with native scaling capabilities, view engine which does support 5 different template engines and of course its documentation is easy to read with more than 100 examples. Just 5 open issues and more than 80 users' feature requests approved
  • while echo has 15.5k stars and it's more like a router than a complete framework.
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