Regular expressions: how do they work?

Paweł Świątkowski on April 04, 2018

This has been originally posted on my personal blog. Dear programmer! I think it's time we talk about regular expressions. What do you think? ... [Read Full]
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Sidenote: I understand that Randall Munroe is a world-wide famous genius and everybody must have identified the comics, but he still deserves a reference.


Also, the lion share of Randall’s irony is always put into titles and you for some reason ruined it. The original title says:

title="Wait, forgot to escape a space.  Wheeeeee[taptaptap]eeeeee."

This is a fantastic article, always struggled to get my head around how this stuff works but you explained it really clearly! Reminds me of Andrew Gallant's blog post about how he used finite state machines to index text really (really, really) fast - worth a read if this kind of stuff is your jam :)


Hey great post, I was wondering, what tool did you use to create those diagrams!


Thank you! Diagrams were created using Graphviz. Here I put some examples (the first and the last diagram from post): gist.github.com/katafrakt/d9458d61...


great article, i studied this back at the university i think it was called language theory


Very good post. thank you for writing it.

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