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I don't recall giving you voice to speak on my behalf as serious professional developer. This comment is Apple fanboy mindset distilled - you heard about issues but you never bothered to check, so you are just repeating those gossips, as they suit your vision. I, on the other hand, am using Linux on laptops since ages and I never had any issues in past 4-5 years.


And here we are witnessing typical fanboy's response:

  • Assuming things about the other person and using them as argument ("I've worked in probably ten times the number of teams you have")
  • Ad personam
  • Referring to things I never said ("all the maintainance you're describing")

Please, do amuse me more.

Also, I could agree with argument about projectors. But it does not matter anymore...

"Maintaining your system" - 3 paragraphs.
Maintaining your system in OS/X : Click, install, restart, done.
I'm not a fanboy - dont care if its Apple or MS or Sun or whatever, I just care about focusing on finishing my actual work instead of battling a hobbyist operating system.

why someone can't be a serious professional developer and yet love work with OS like Arch ?

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