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re: This is not very accurate. If you read this article, read through all of the comments. The author has confused most of what he is talking about. ...

Hi I didn't propose any wrong solution for the problem , I'm just telling don't do this mistake while using react-hooks . If this problem is wrong provide an working demo i'll remove the post


Supplying a brand new array will definitely call the hook. The issue is if you maintain the same array, what the hook is fired based on is changed identity. So if you create a new object / array then the hook will fire. If you don't and merely update it, it won't. It's not a react hooks issue. It's is entirely based on Javascript identity. See reference vs value types.

again i'm trying to address an issue based on the scenario where an value in the object gets updated hooks will be called again even the previous value in the object and the current updated value are same

You are creating a new array. This code is simply wrong and misleading. If you want to update the value of name for record 2, find the object in the array, update and set state to the same array. Then your code will make sense.

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