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Google is really becoming evil.

Just recently, they disclosed that they're gonna disable adblocking for the masses in chrome, except for 'business customers':

It's time to change from chrome, or to fork blink as a community effort. It's the best web rendering engine imo, but them having this much power has to be counteracted, and I seriously hope that according to the rules of free market, this power will be soon seized.

// , Ben and Vuild, that's correct. For the amount that they're raking in, they've ended up way less corrupt than I'd expected. It's going to get even worse with the move away from perimeter security towards identification security consolidated in the hands of a few massive "trusted" platforms. dev.to's already screwing up that one.

And it chaps my ass that I have to qualify the word "standards" with the word "open." When did the oxymoron of "Proprietary Standards" become a thing technically literate people say?

Take the power back.

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