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What are you proud of within the organization that perhaps has gone unnoticed?

In a similar vein, what processes (technical or in terms of philosophy) do you think make for frictionless collaboration between teams and encourage teams to work both productively and strive for growth?


Great questions! I am proud of so many things that the team does. I would say the thing I'm most proud of right now is how hard everyone has worked to reduce technical debt and build new frameworks that enable us to develop and launch software faster. It isn't easy to work on long term and hard projects like that, but so many people on so many teams have been working for years on this, and we're really starting to see the positive results of our work and be able to ship product so much faster than we were before.

I think the best way to help collaboration are alignment/shared goals and communication. For example, we create company key results that all teams ladder up to, and that's specifically so teams at the individual level, with their own autonomous goals, still are laddering up to a shared goal that helps them work towards the same things.
Also, nothing is a substitute for communication across teams. The more you can get teams to actually talk with one another, the more they'll understand each other's needs and goals and potentially 2x each other's success.

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