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I loved this article, here I am always thinking "I started to learn to code so I could build my own projects. But now 3 years in and nothing to show for it".

It's nice to know that a lot of other people also have this problem!

Once my side projects have wrapped. I am taking the conscious decision to say no to all new side project client work (even if it's a side project I have a stake in). The reason for this is because if it's my own side project. I only have myself to answer to. And means I can focus a lot more on my current job and my work life balance.


that is great to hear that I can help motivate you to get where you want to be, far as back to your personal projects. It's not easy giving up potential monies. But I'm finding in this, that my passion and excitement is worth way more than the clients money I've earned. I wish you luck and can't wait to see your projects!

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