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PHP and Node attempt to solve the same problem from different points of view. PHP considers the server-first perspective while node considers the client-first perspective (generally speaking). Node has the advantage of having a larger common (COMMON) user base and the disadvantage of being a bigger target for abuse. PHP libs have been around a long time and are less likely to have new hacks against them but have a history of exploits because of managing applications.

Before I get flamed! ....

I agree that anything you want to do in php is also possible via node. Javascript is simply more popular in hireing circles etc. PHP is considered a downtrend technology because of it's limitations relative to (server side) python, etc. IMHO PHP perceived limitations don't make it better or worse than javascript -just different.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if I inherited a PHP project I wouldn't bother to force it to be node based unless necessary. Otherwise I'd probably start a new project with node (or python depending on the situation).


Agreed, this is a debate that needs a common answer because as 2 or more devs get together that first think comping out is PHP vs Node.

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