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My biggest challenge with learning to code (20+ years ago) was the level of sacrifice required (in my experience) in terms of time, relationships, and quality of life. I still struggle with this. Keeping up with technologies and the various flavors of, and the evolution of, languages is exhausting, requires a lot of attention, and requires a lot of time. Throughout the years my relationships have suffered, my finances have suffered, and my livelihood has suffered -all in the the name of the pursuit of building the next thing, or building the next best thing, or research, or learning a new language for a one off project, or the like; the next fix.

Honestly, though, I wouldn't change a single thing. The act of Coding/programming is a contract that you make with yourself: "I will accomplish 'X' goal or fail. Every coder/programmer/software-engineer must come to terms with the level of failure they will accept in lieu of pursuing other avenues of pleasure, "normalcy", relationships, and other avenues of living.

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