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Discussion on: Please, don't politicize DEV!

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Giacomo Mariani • Edited is showing this post in homepage, supporting Black Lives Matter and the Pride Month. One of the sponsors is Diversify Tech.

I think that this platform is already political, and referable to a very precise political part.

Also, everything you do is political, even choosing of not talking about politics, too.

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Eka • Edited

Insisting some programming terms should not be challenged or discussed publicly is a political stance.

Asking people--who think differently from you, and who do it on their own time--to not challenge/discuss it publicly, is definitely a political act.


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Giacomo Mariani • Edited

Totally agree.

Progress is made challenging the status quo, and to make the people talk about injustice in the current social situation you need to put everything in discussion, even terminology.

Obviously you can't stop after renaming a couple of things and call it a day, because now you have the people's attention. Now it's time to make an actual big progress in social justice.

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robencom Author

Diversity is a great thing. I love how accepted me and others from all around the world and gave us all a platform to connect with others.

But diversity is becoming an exclusive club in the USA and EU in the last couple of years. Some groups are praised and welcomed, some other groups are frown upon because of their beliefs, sexual desires or tone of skin. That is what we need to pay attention to. Diversity means ALL, not ALL but these groups..

I love all, doesn't matter if they are gay or straight, black or white. I might even have a secret desire to see more LGBTQ or non-white people excel in DEV or other fields, ALTHOUGH I am straight white. Why? because I want us all to be equal in what our minds can do. We are never equal physically, sexually, financially...But we are all equal mentally, the only difference between a smart and stupid person is that one is using their brain and logic, and the other is not...

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