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Discussion on: Tell me something funny about your first DEV job

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Vasily Loginov

In the first place I worked, there was a nice coffee table which, except coffee, also had something like Nesquik cocoa powder. I loved it and used to drink it instead of coffee when thinking.

Once I was sitting at my place behind an amazing huge new white 19” LCD screen (long ago it was), made a good sip of this great cocoa drink, but - it went into a wrong place. After few minutes I still could not stop coughing, partially because my place looked gorgeous now, and laugh was going out of me uncontrollably. Everything around, including the beautiful new monitor, was covered in this magic drink.

Drops were still there even when I left the company about a year later: nor me this day, not even the cleaner were able to wipe them.

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Pachi πŸͺ (she/her/ela) Author

Wow lol what a drink lol