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re: Strange, mine was also failing, but after adding to the group issue was resolved. Just check if the bot has admin privilege. Also, try with curl o...

Oh, I think I figured out the difference in results between Postman and browser requests.
Telegram servers are blocked here in Russia, that's why Postman requests fail. But in the browser I use VPN extension and the request resolves as expected.
Thanks for your help 😉

wow , that's some serious debugging.
for me the results came after i added the bot to the group and then i send some messages to the group. so there is some data to show.

Yeah, but in normal situation even if you don't add the bot to the group and send request https://api.telegram.org/bot<token>/getUpdates, you'll get an emtpy response like {"ok":true,"result":[]}.
In the case of access restriction on a government level, there is no response in Postman at all.
no response

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