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How your typical day looks like?
I know nothing about DevOps, but from my point of view it looks as following:
Configure couple of docker containers for interal projects, tweak kubernetes, spend half a day configuring AWS infrastructure, DNS, domains, production errors notifications, analytics, oh my.


It varies by client.

Right now, my daily schedule is something like this:

  • Get to the office around 7:00-7:30 AM
  • Check email and Slack for any emergencies
  • Plan out my tasks for the day
  • Have daily standup in Slack voice chat
  • Work on build or release definitions in TFS (on-premises predecessor to Azure DevOps)
  • Write some proof-of-concept code in Go, Python, or Ruby
  • Eat lunch around 11:00 AM
  • Help the site reliability engineers with any issues in their monitoring or performance efforts
  • Help the app dev teams with their Dockerfiles, stack files, or other deployment troubles
  • Write, debug, or improve internal Chef cookbooks
  • Fix problems with legacy servers that have yet to be migrated to the new processes
  • Leave around 3:00 PM

Can you tell us your most interesting POC in Go or Python?

The second most interesting (first, I think, is probably covered by an NDA) POC I've ever done was to build a tool to discover applications with dependencies on misbehaving applications that weren't themselves reporting any problems and cross-reference with changes in various other metrics (e.g., hourly conversion rates).

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