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Kara Luton on July 11, 2019

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Hey Kara,

Thanks for the resources. There's also an awesome python list at You can browse them all and more at and add the category you are interested in in the search.


Automate the boring stuff is simply amazing. Its full of simple and innovative python tricks and applications, its a must read for anyone new to the python world.

Apart from that, nothing beats practical experience working on open source projects. If you really want to dive deep into python as a programmer (not someone who teaches or just blogs about it), then create a project on github (however small or mundane, it doesn't matter) and start coding.

The small and mundane things like packaging and releasing builds on PyPi, writing unit tests using PyTest and generating documentation using Sphinx and ReadTheDocs will teach you something of real and practical value.

I know it sounds a lot, but you'll get it all in no time once you dive into it and there is no better way to learn python than programming and contributing to open source projects!


To be honest I think the official docs and HOWTOs are really underrated. I found it to be the best source for learning regex and argparse which are pretty common yet useful topics.


Hi Kara,
Thanks for this post.
I'm currently learning Python so this will be very useful.

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