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Release Delete-branch-bot as GithubApps

kamontia profile image Tatsuya Kamohara ・1 min read


We released the GitHubApps named Delete-branch-bot developed together with @chaspy .
It deletes the branch automatically when it is merged into master.

You need not push the "Delete branch" button anymore!

Before: Necessary to push "Delete branch" button, it's NOT cool.

After: Delete-branch-bot watches the event of your repository. When the pull request is merged into master, it deletes the branch automatically. It's cool.

How to install

  1. Access to Delete-branch-bot page or search Delete-branch-bot
  2. Install it to your repository
  3. Ready to delete the branch automatically. Good luck :)


Architecture is very simple.

  1. Amazon API Gateway
  2. Amazon Lambda. Implemented using Go language.

This is the first post for me.
I'm sorry my English is not good.

If you comment something, I will be happy. :)


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