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Discussion on: Simplify Expo releases with Standard Version

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Pavel 'PK' Kaminsky

Excellent tool! exactly what I was looking for 💪 automating CI/CD.
given that the native part of my app will rarely update, does it makes sense updating the package.json only, as a way of keeping the bundle version?
or should I update ios/android versions too and skip uploading the apk/ipa?

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Cedric van Putten Author • Edited on

Hi Pavel, thanks! The tool was initially built for managed projects without native code. For the native part, we might need to add a few "version bumpers". I'll look into this asap!

Edit: just created #9, if you have good ideas feel free to share them there! 😁

The package.json is used by standard-version itself as a kind of "single source of truth". So it's always good to update it there. That being said, only updating the version in package.json will still require you to manually update the build numbers, like versionCode in Gradle, when you publish to stores.

Hope it helps!