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Hi Nader,

Thank you for the detailed tutorial and your hard on making AWS Amplify more accessible for developers with so many examples on the web!

I want to ask if it's possible and how to take the results from this tutorial and add a GraphQL api which can be accessed by any authenticated user?

I am able to provide a repository with current state of a working project: github.com/kalinchernev/knowledge-...

The problem I'm having here is that when I change the security scheme of the API from API key to Cognito user pool, I'm getting "No current user" on users authenticated with the Google login.

I found an older issue here github.com/aws-amplify/amplify-js/... which feels like an important thread, but with unclear solution or best practice at the moment.

Is it that manual updates are still needed in the console and configuration files? Is it that we need to rely on multiple authentication schemes on AppSync GraphQL layer? How to make use of that through the Amplify CLI if it's the case? Maybe I need to use GraphQL transform, but as far as I read @auth is not match for both api key and user pools neither...

Any guidance is welcome!

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