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Useful share, I tried cmder.net/ for the terminal, but hyper seems to be better.


Yeah, cmder was my choice when I was running node on Windows. When I switched to full (sort of) WSL I went with Hyper.

I haven't used it in a while @kalinchernev do you use it?


Actually, I started using Hyper, as I didn't have any special/advanced use case to be with cmder. I made a basic use of nvm as well, by the way, didn't notice anything specific to be different than how it would work in a regular Linux environment.

The only slight drawback I've experienced so far with the WSL/Ubuntu/zsh/oh-my-zsh/nvm/yarn and similar is the speed of getting the job done. Comparing between my Manjaro and the W10 with WSL, speed of yarn install is probably 5-6 less than usual.

Just playing with the Hyper canary release and so far seems 👌

I know what you mean about slower and it's something I have learned to live with, like most things it's a trade off :)

By the way, another useful app I found today is wox.one/
I'm still on the conservative side with Windows, but I'm willing to use for a few months as my OS for work and see how it goes in overall :)

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