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What about coding dojos?

Hi guys!

I think this is my first post here but lemme go right to the point:

Do you guys practice coding dojos?

I'm the person who is leading those events in my company and I learned a lot with so many different developers I met here. Now I want to take this to a new level. I want to organize a public coding dojo specific for the PHP language. For now we're dealing with challenges to solve in 1 hour where only 5~8 developers can code and there's the problem: how to open this to the world increasing the number of developers coding respecting the limit of 2 hours? Maybe decreasing the time per round, maybe working on harder challenges...

And of course I have other questions... So if you can give me any advice, I would be glad to meet you too. :)

If you don't know what is Coding Dojo, tell me. I can write a new post explaining to you.

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