Py in 5: Lambda Functions

kaelscion on October 25, 2018

originally published on the Coding Duck blog: www.ccstechme.com/coding-duck-blog Today’s topic? Lambda functions! To start, let’s review the o... [Read Full]
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Nice article. Minor typo:

list_cubed.append(num_cubed(num) is missing a ending paren in second code example.


thank you so much! I noticed that and the fact that I wrote "for x in list" a lot rather than "in list_normal". The typo you noticed and the one I just mentioned have been updated. Thank you so much for catching it!


Awesome! Was just about to edit to point out the list/list_normal thing too.


Dude, very neat explanation of lambdas and totally awesome ending of an article!!! I salute you for those closing lines!


Thanks so much!

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