Leadership: That Concept that Actually *Doesn't* Mean That You're In Charge

kaelscion on December 13, 2018

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The part where you mentioned that CEOs have a god-like status, remembered me a story from ancient Rome. According to the anecdotes, Julius Caesar had a slave whose task was to hold a Laurus crown over his head while parading around the streets of Rome. At the same time, he had to whisper into Caesar's ears: "You are only a human".

True or not, maybe that job is still not obsolete.


I totally agree that companies need a CEO. I wholly believe in the job title, just not the job description it now carries. There needs a person that "the buck stops with" in any organization. But i feel that modern CEOs try to bring more attention to themselves than to their sales staff, engineers, product managers, marketing folks, board members, etc. A CEO is a living logo: meant to represent a brand. A logo cannot take credit or defer blame, it simply must be a public-facing representative of the a company. So should a CEO be, a representative and the first person to receive the press and field their questions. But that kind of leadership should not come with omnipotence as if without them, the other wonderful people making it happen in the background would suddenly become incompetent amateurs.

While I feel strongly about this, I could very well be biased by my personal experiences and am extremely open to discussion. Perhaps others have a differing opinion? I'd love to hear it 😁


I'm being a chance to take on leadership. I appreciate this position but am not sure I believe it. The idea that the leader is taking one for the team and handing down praise is the attribute of a good manager, and like a CEO that may or may not include leadership.

I'm looked at for this because, as you say, my action are looked at as examples and people seek advice. If I'm training and guiding but not actually doing or with authority to decide things I'm no longer leading because I no longer have authority to create the examples which can be followed.

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