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December Project Accountability: Rizzo

kaelscion on December 03, 2018

So for those of you who don't know, I need the Dev community to help me get up after the worst knockdown of my life. About three weeks ago I colla... [Read Full]
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Good luck!!! What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this week?


Thank you! I'm going to need it. By the end of the week I hope to have two base docker images built. One will contain my Pydra web crawler in all its glory, with all of the custom filter defenses I've developed over the years so that no website owner will need to add special exceptions to allow my bot past their filters. Pydra is capable of fooling any filter I've thrown it at so far. The other will contain what will be needed for processing of media files and a Flask email route. Both images will be based on an Alpine image with Python 3.6+ with relevant packages, minified as much as possible for performance.

Next week will involve the building of a node image for use with a Gatsby front end, and an Nginx image as a web server and reverse proxy. Performance is key for this application. I want speed to be paramount and am considering using Pypy rather than Python 3.6 but have yet to benchmark the performance in this particular application between the two.


Best of luck with your everything! I'm hopeful that you'll come back stronger and better than ever. :)

What was the inspiration behind your app's name?


Thank you!

The name of the app is an evolution of the acronym I use to refer to the little script that gave me the idea. I have a tiny, personal library that I wrote using Pillow in Python that is used to reduce the size and scaling of all images in a directory. I call this little class RIS for Reduce Image Size. But I didn't like that as a name for a web app. I also didn't like the idea of a URL like etc. But when I said RIS out loud, I immediately thought Rizzo rolled off the tongue better. Plus, has anybody ever had a bad experience with an entity named Rizzo? The rat from The Muppetts, the leader of The Pink Ladies from Grease. Need I go on? Anyway, it stuck 😁😁

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