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Good. For. You. What most people don't realize is that a lot of highly technical people and creatives struggle mightily and consistently with suicidal ideation (I've made more than one attempt in my darker years). By writing this little blog post, you've done your part in de-sitgmatizing (is that a word? If not ©️ CodeDuck 2019 😁) this EXTREMELY common problem and encouraging people to value their mental health over their "swanky" jobs or stupid things like a credit score or financial bragging rights. No job, financial success, credit rating, bank account balance, reference, or resume' porn will be worth a dang thing if you're dead. Good on ya and best wishes in your new direction!


Thanks! I hope more and more people start to talk about their struggles with it. It is crazy what a relief it is to tell people oftentimes. And I am shocked by how many people feel the same way.

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