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re: HackerRank Is Teaching You to Write Terrible Code VIEW POST


"Code is for humans." That is the strongest, and in my opinion, most important, point made in this article.

All code we write is made to be extended and improved by the people around us who, in many ways, would have a more clever way of extending and improving it. I am 100% guilty of rewriting functions myself if I can do it more quickly than I can understand what the previous developer was trying to. Not a great practice, I admit. But many times, an END PRODUCT is required that does certain things, to certain specifications, for a certain price, by a certain date. How clever the current codebase was is totally meaningless if it can be rewritten faster than extended. Don't let good code die when you leave. Variable, parameter, argument, function, class, and module names COUNT!! I want to work with the code I've been given. But I want to not have to explain delays to executive managment more. Just saying...😁😁ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ

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