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TL;DR: Communicate with me. Even if you have nothing to report or you have bad news, at least let me know the process is moving forward or definitely dead-ended.

My biggest pet peeve, by FAR, is being ghosted by recruiters. Whether external or internal, this happens to me ALL THE TIME. Many times I'm dealing with 3-5 interview processes at a time when I'm looking to make a move. What drives me crazy is when I've been through 4-5 rounds of interviews and whiteboard challenges, have the call with the recruiter where they tell me "you'll hear from me with a yes or no in a week or so", then NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN. Is it so hard to shoot me an email saying "they passed on you this time. I'll let you know if anything else opens up."? It drives me totally crazy. Just tell me I didn't get the job so I can move on. Is that so difficult?

The only thing worse than that is when I finish round 4-5 of the process, then don't hear from the recruiter for 4-6 weeks. At that point, I've moved on and am doing different things. Then, after more than a month, I get the "okay, so the director of engineering wants to sit down and talk with you this week. When are you available?" phone call. "Are you serious? You're just gonna call me and act like you haven't been ducking my calls for six weeks? And then you're gonna ask me to rearrange my schedule with a days' notice? Is this a thing? Okay I guess...let's do this again like you haven't been ignoring me for over a month....".

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