re: My girlfriend likes to travel, I like to know how much it's gonna cost. Vue, node and some APIs later, I give you tripcoster.com VIEW POST


So this is a databaseless app? I am a huge fan of those and seeing as my wife and I have severe wanderlust, this is certainly an app worth looking into.

Question: you say that the data sources for this are largely APIs and you're main complaint is performance. Have you tried Gatsby? I've begun using it recently and the performance is conesiuer-level. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of plain React (although Gatbsy is built on it), or any other "digital coming of Christ" toolsets and stacks, so I understand if you haven't.

Other question: is this available for contributors? I'm just starting to get more into Node (I'm a long-time Python developer who wants to keep up) and this is the kind of app I would gladly contribute to!


Hey! yep this is databaseless at the moment. Although I think I'm gonna have to bit the bullet on that soon if I want to have some user accounts and the ability to "save" or "watch" a certain trip...

performance wise it's really just the APIs that are slow (specifically the flights) - and there's nothing really I can do about that apart from caching maybe - and even then I don't think it's gonna be that effective.

And no sorry I'm keeping this code private for the moment so it's not open for contribution. Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome though of course! :D

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