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Discussion on: Introducing Slither: Adding anonymous proxy IPs and randomized User Agents to Scraping Projects

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Spam generator, pen testing tool, toolset for developing the data aggregators that run most of the web. Who really knows these days? 😜😜

Either way, I'm glad this has gotten the attention of somebody developing a counter to it (because I'm building one of those too 😁😁). The only way to make our tools better is through the friendly competition these types of things inspire toward each other!

Specifically in my corner, Slither is open source so that it can be made better by other automation and security experts. Our "keep bots out" system Sentinel, is a freemium service that helps me analyze how folks are defeating filters (whether they use Slither or not) so we can better keep them out.

Maybe we can compare notes sometime? I'd love to see a like-minded person's approach to this. I'm always up for learning something new. Anybody who knows me can attest that being wrong is one of my favorite places to be because that means I get to learn from the person who is right. Thanks so much for commenting and I would love to see your blacklisting model in action when it's up and running and pit Slither against it!