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re: It is about not letting people comment. If they have what to say, let them write a linked post as an answer, elaborating their point of view. I a...

Just spitballing but Dev is more a community and discussion platform that relies pretty heavily on creator/consumer relationships. I very much love this platform but fully agree that not all content is meant for it. Kinda like how I would never post weight loss or financial advice on Reddit because people would come out of the woodwork to call me a moron or acuse me of hating black people or repressing women (still not sure how redditors come to that conclusion EVERY time, regardless of content). There are some social platforms that are simply better suited to the architecture and advanced CS concepts that you tend to write about. I think Dev could be that place someday, but really isnt yet. Largely because (in my opinion) there are relatively few of us that understand the lower level stuff.

Make no mistake, I love your content because it helps me to approach problems differently by comparing your thought process to mine and seeing how I can combine my strengths with the ones you reveal. But the more complex principles and techniques are abstract and rely on approach rather than concrete rules. Arguing happens when we forget that despite many languages arguments of "there is only one 'best way' to go about that in my language", I've never actually seen that be 100% true. So we fight about it. Because we, as people, are dumb that way. Totally get where your coming from though: "Yeah hey, I didn't ask what you thought about this topic. This post is telling you what I think about this topic. 😁😁

I didn't ask what you thought about this topic. This post is telling you what I think about this topic.

LOL, no, not at all.

And I never implied anything like my language is better than yours (whatever yours is :))β€”mostly because I use not less than 6 languages in my daily work on professional level.

I simply want to be able to balance between keeping to use this platform to post the stuff I write and having the posts clean enough to link to my teammates without being asked: β€œDude, who are all these people in comments, unable to understand a word from what you have written?”

I am not mentioning moderators who constantly come to my posts and mark my and only my comments as being of low quality.

I still stay because a) I know there are people who is interested in what I am writing and b) I like how dev.to produces a twitter snippet for my posts and I was always too lazy to do that myself.

Very easy. Dual post on Medium and send your colleagues a link to your Medium post. I dual post all my posts so I can Facebook link my Medium posts to non-techs. Different reason but could also work for your scenario.

Medium does not support github flavored markdown nor RSS syndication.

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