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re: Yes, absolutely. At best we’re in a very awkward phase in humanity, and at worst, destructive. A lot of the outcomes of social media have been goo...

Absolutely. While recent events have shown us that most company's professed mission was to "connect the world with open communication", was mostly a facade to drive profits, that mission was accomplished almost as a side effect. But just like with any cultural shift of this scale throughout history such as civil rights, the emancipation of women, rights of sexual preference, animal rights, environmentalism, etc, the initial reaction tends to be an over-correction that can verge on radicalism to some. But, just like balance either was or soon will be, found in all the above cases, I'm sure that the weaponization of out-of-context material will fade in time.

All idealism has flaws, simply because most idealists are challenging the status quo in their mission and therefore come under fire by using the titled concept: context. Social media's only difference is its scale in my opinion. But hopefully, the good that has been done will remain when the not-so-good is gone.

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