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I started writing here because I love to talk about what I do. After writing blogs on websites like medium, my own personal website, quora to no avail. After awhile, I just stopped trying when imposter syndrome set in and I just figured that either what I was writing was so simple and incorrect that nobody even bothered to troll me, let alone follow me. But, after awhile of writing my own code, working on learning what goes on under the hood, and finding myself mentoring recent CS college grads, I decided my lack of degree might not mean that I'm just a script kiddie with a big head. Then is as a post in this site, signed up, but was too nervous to post.

Then I started and people responded, commented, gave me feedback and weren't jerks about it. Now, I've found an audience and a community that I would refer to as colleagues. I have 1200 folks that enjoy my content enough to follow it (1200 more than I've had on any other platform), and just did a guest appearance on a podcast (what?!?!).

Basically, I started just to see if Dev.to actually was the wonderful community it claimed to be and it did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations.

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