Discussion on: Stop Fighting About JavaScript Frameworks

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"The best tool for the job is the one you know how to use well." Ultimately and in my personal opinion, all frameworks have a life cycle that has an end. Eventually, somebody will fork one of them for their own use, it will gain steam out of nowhere, and replace its predecessor. This is how software evolves and improves. A lot of us get annoyed because things change so quickly and we have to relearn everything every two weeks. I personally disagree with that. I've developed using a largely similar stack for going on 5 years now. I work with Python, Flask, Gunicorn, and Nginx for web development. Ive used jQuery for the front end for a long time and would rather solve UI issues with CSS3 and HTML5. Are there better solutions like SCSS or Bootstrap or Vue or Angular? Sure. But I don't know how to use them because I'm busy building stuff and I am comfortable with the tools I have and am an expert in their use. When I learned about Docker, I added it because it made my life easier. ES6 made JS useable to me rather than a repetitive mess so I replaced jQuery.

I largely think that these frameworks give us the illusion of better applications. But if you are a great JS dev and adopt React, Angular, or Vue because you think your supposed to, then try to build production apps with it before you have the same expertise in that framework than you had with your previous dev tools and frameworks, the results will be lower quality no matter how capable the new framework is to build better apps. The frameworks capabilities are meaningless if you don't know how to use them and trust me, two weeks of learning Angular because your new trendy startup wants you to learn it does not make anybody, even the polyglots, experts. Learn new things that promise to shore up the weaknesses of your current stack for sure! That's most of the fun with programming. But don't try to cram it down your throat because its "cool" and PLEASE don't try to build production stuff with it until you've built up your chops on pet projects.

Frameworks are always temporary. They will change. The flavor of the month will be different soon. Learn what you think is fun to use, but build with the tools you can use like a master craftsman, even if their not "cool".