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re: Are we Developers helping Google to build an unstoppable monopoly? VIEW POST


A large part of the issue with Social Media privacy is that the average user (who is not a dev) may get upset that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc collect their data through shady means. But these same people don't seem to see an issue with making every last detail about their lives common knowledge through totally ordinary means. I mean, how many celebrities, politicians, CEOs and other A-listers get tagged every day for posting something incredibly revealing and/or obviously offensive on social media? How many hashtag the place that they are, tag who they are with, and talk about how long they have been there and when they will leave? To be honest, knowing everything there is to know about a person isn't really that hard. In fact, unless you go public with your intention to use it to be a perv or psycho, the possibility of your over sharing being used for that purpose doesn't bother people at all. So, if you are aware of the fact that posting naked bath time photos of your 3-year-old could likely be seen by pedophiles, but don't stop posting them, what reason would Facebook have not to make a buck on the same data to sell your data to advertisers of clothes for your 3 year old?

People's privacy will not mean crap to tech companies until it means something to the average person for longer than 6-10 minutes after they hear that their data is being sold without their knowing. We developers have no responsibility nor ability to stop this at all. Developers are responsible for creating this issue, and all power to them really. Because people know the threat. They know exactly what is going on. But just like McDonald's sales went up even after we all saw "Super Size Me", this problem will not go away until the people affected care about their privacy enough to stop posting every nine minutes of their life online.

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