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Discussion on: Daylight Savings is stupid.

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Seeing as DST was originally instituted so that people could save money on whale oil for their lamps, not only is it stupid, but it is wrong. What we need is a group of vegans from the Bay Area to find out that DST supports whale oil. The social media firestorm that follows will have the governments changing not only DST, but the measure of time in general. 😁😁

*Disclaimer: I do not have an issue, in any way, with those who choose to pursue a different lifestyle or who have an alternate approach to food. What your conscience and sense of morality guide you to do is your business and I totally agree that the meat industry is a terrible place. The aforementioned joke is simply referencing the fact that some vegans (the minority for sure) seem to get whipped into a Frankenstein-hunting mob every time each time they drive past a McDonalds. Which, I think, would be the perfect group of people to aggressively and relentlessly champion the abolishing of Daylight Savings.

This message has been brought to you by The Council of Radicalizing Vegans Against Daylight Savings Time*

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Levi α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•— Author

Give this man a medal. This idea is genius?