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Ive experienced these frustrations before for sure. I felt that everybody was learning or doing something with the fad language/framework of the day and why wasn't I?!?

The answer was, because I don't want to and didn't care enough. I dont really like using JS frameworks. THERE I SAID IT!!! I find the language irritating and feel like there is very little consistency across frameworks and the like. Typescript is a bit better because I come from C# background originally, but still I don't like it!

In time, I stopped worrying so much about GitHub commits, and more about getting good at what I like doing. Sooner or later, you'll get really good at one particular thing and people will find you. Just keep at it!!


Language preference can give a big impact on how you decide if you will work on new things. It’s a good thing I get passed this situation in my career.

Glad you did as well :)

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