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This discussion catches my attention for a couple of reasons. Most notably is that a get a general sense you are baiting the rest of us to disprove your assertions and I'm tickled pink by it.

On the one hand, your a 30 year programming vet who refused to "leave the trenches". Your SO profile defines a sincere want, or even a need, to help others learn and grow.

And yet there is this series of vehement assertions that devs have gone all soft and that the common man is the real victim of a world gone mad with an insatiable appetite for technological advancement in the fields of time waisting and in-app-purchases.

While I have my opinions on things you've said, I don't think that is the point of this article at all and I think it is great fun. I don't think your disillusioned with the tech industry as that would have happened around year 10. So in response, allow me to relate what I feel in these topics personally.

  1. I am an elite developer. Most people who write code with the love and passion I do either are or will be.

  2. I am squishy as hell and I know it. And I am not ashamed. I busted my behind to teach myself concepts that most people pay tens of thousands of dollars for so that I wouldn't have to bag groceries 13 hours a day. Had some circumstances in my life been different, a left turn where I once went right, perhaps I'd be putting the eggs on top right now. But the fact that I'm here means I've earned it, at least in part.

  3. My most annoying colleagues are the ones chasing six figures. But they will wash out. Being a developer is much like being a police officer: if your in it for the money, you won't be in it long.

This post is marvelous in that it seems totally designed to invite us developers to respond to criticism without acting like children. I cannot speak for others, but I feel that you are a fine brigadier general and would inspire us to shed our insecurities by shining a spot light in them and seeing how we react. I may be wrong about your intentions, but if I'm not, then I am quite amused at this cheeky "poking of the buttons" and would like to see what other content you may have available. I'm always up for a good debate with somebody who's is not a troll. 😁😁😎😎


Sincerely thank you for this response, this is literally the most desirable interpretation of this writing (besides inviting us developers to respond to criticism without acting like children.)

As I said already here in comments, I am in love with exaggerations of any kind, and yes, I’m not shy provoking strangers to think about us, our world and our universe in many different aspects, not “just smile and wave, boys, smile and wave….”

I am not a troll :)

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