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How we get Dumbed-down

jwp profile image John Peters ・1 min read

Dumbed-Down, how it happens

If we work for IT shops with 50-200 or more people, we find that teams specialize in certain parts of the operation. In particular we see Network Admins, DevOps people, Security Teams, Project Management Teams and finally the Development Teams which should include QA Team members.

Unfortunately for us, this type of corporate structure can easily dumb us down. For example, if we never had to deal with a Network issue, we have no experience there. If we never worked in Devops we don't have a clue as to what a pipeline is about.

For this reason we need to be on guard for what we can put on our resume every 6 months. If we are not adding anything that's relevant to the market we are setting ourselves up for the narrowing of our skills until one day they are not longer relevant.

How to avoid the dumb-down effect

We should be able to add new things to our resume every 6 months that are in-line with current market skills requirements.

Back up plan

If this happens to you then don't fear as there is always a good backup plan.


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