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Thanks for this informative post!

The power of React cannot be denied. How many users use it daily on Facebook?

Angular , my current focus, coupled with Typescript, becomes easy after you've been at it for a while. You are right though, the documentation they have is not inspiring.

I've tried Aurelia and didn't care for it (at the time it was having issues as Rob had left it to work with Microsoft and Angular at the time).

On my list Vue, Svelte.

Not on my list Elm, Stencil.

Bottom line, they all get the job done, some more efficiently than others. The power of Node is undeniable too, perhaps even to the extent of replacing .NET.


Yeah Svelte is cool, I tried it on personal projects, and I'll be glad to get jobs on it! I will write something about it.

What makes you unhappy with Stencil ? I kinda liked it when I tried, just events weren't working very well on dev environment...


I didn't give Stencil enough time. Perhaps I should reconsider.

I'd read your articles on Svelt for sure! Thanks for this post

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