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Finally - we're moving to git!

jwollner5 profile image John 'BBQ' Wollner ・1 min read

It's taken a month of trial and error but I finally got all our repos migrated to Gitlab!

Mind you, the code in question is 10-12 years old and I wanted to get all of that history including the branches migrated, as all of the original authors have since left the company. The commit history is all we have to understand the code base.

I found a working albeit flaky utility to help with the extraction of the source and history, but as often happens, at least to me, none of the documented use cases fit my situation, so I tried several different variations of parameters until 1 worked.

If I had a win this week it was this. It's the first, and in some ways the most important step in a much larger initiative. More on that as it progresses.

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Patrick Kilter

I am slowly introducing git here and can feel your win :)


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John 'BBQ' Wollner Author

My next hurdle, which is actually harder, is to rationalize our 450K artifacts, the result from years of LITERALLY copy/pasting solutions for a new customer on the same platform or service but with a minor customization. I have found some classes defined as many as 20 times w/ more or less the same structure, in as many similar projects across the code base.

We also have direct DLL refs instead of nugets for internal libraries, all the same static assets duplicated many times over, assemblies with 1 name containing namespaces which have no relation to the assembly namespace, and the list goes on for miles. On top of that, all the creators of this code are gone and difficult to get hold of for guidance. Should take me the 10 or so years til I retire to sort it out lol

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Patrick Kilter

Would love to follow your process, what have been quick wins ect